With financial and technical support of USAID USP.

.. The IMC was formed in 2005 under the direction of the Cambodian government after figures from 2004 showed that 16.2 % of the malaria drugs from retail pharmacies were sampled outlets in the private sector of four provinces of poor quality. Identified a major obstacle in the fight against the presence of the lack of coordination the lack of coordination between the different ministries. With financial and technical support of USAID – USP, the group developed an action plan to significantly reduce the number of substandard and counterfeit medicines. A January 2013 official order to close illegal health care services, including pharmacy outlets across the country, was the impetus for much of the recent progress.

Program, action in fight against substandard and counterfeit medicinesIn a major crackdown, Cambodia has forced nearly 65 % of illegal pharmacies that to close to the country in the last five months. Led by a ministerial committee against Counterfeit and substandard medicines Fight, the transactions were aligned because of evidence that among the most important the most important sources of substandard and counterfeit drugs in the country. This evidence was implemented drug quality monitoring activities in Cambodia by promoting the Quality of Medicines Program, a U.S. Agency for International Development – funded program, the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention , established with the support of executed generates the global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and the World Health Organization..Things of innate immunity or preventing abnormal state of of the immunity as asthma, ‘said Professor Okamura.. The VSOP holds cells within alkaline conditions. This finding will help understand how to VSOP governs pH of condition during the trial the removal agents of the fungi, bacteria and virus. ‘It was not clearly how proton is go through a single VSOP protein is, But here is clearly demonstrated that a single subunit of the VSOP protons may without any mounting holes contribute help you This finding may, of new drugs for promoting the promotion.

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