Why images look the same when viewed from different angles?

Why images look the same when viewed from different angles?If you look at a picture, there is only one viewing position – the center of projection – that yields a correct image at your eye. For example, there is a place in cinema where the film creates the same picture in your eye as the original scene. View from other places can be a distortion of the image in your mind. So why not moviegoers rush to the correct position? In fact, she even know where heading heading?. Why do images look the same when they come from different perspectivesUniversity of California at Berkley and RIT release new findings on the visual perception-A team of scientists has solved a key mystery of visual perception.

The work has implications for the development of better equipment, 3D images 3D images, and also for the creation of realistic computer graphics. It is also our understanding of how the eyes and the brain work, an insight for both medical and psychological commitment. – Visual perception of displayed images is a critical factor in human decision making, Vishwanath notes, Properly describe how people see and perceive images will provide a better understanding of why people respond positively the some images and other negative providing. . The full results of the study is available on the Nature Neuroscience website be viewed at nature.com / neuro.. With a series of psychophysical experiments, Vishwanath, Girshick and banks were able to show that the human visual system to be flexible position so that sit in the right place is not required.In 2001, Fishermans and his team are found that mutations Foxp2 of a rare language and speech disturbances were associated. To discovery has led to a variety of projects search in Foxp2 and its equivalent in other animals, including a study which find she affects the ability of the birds imitating Tracks. – This study were Verne, Fishermans and colleagues demonstrated that Foxp2 fine-tune how much and how little different genes are expressed and therefore, Noteworthy that prepared as described much of their proteins of.

Other Source: Max Planck Institute.Submitted by: Catharine the paddock.

The next phase the study, they found that changing levels of Foxp2 hit to to the of neuronal projections: fixed a major feature, how the wiring within the developing brain which is important for learning languages.. The these the early stages development of brain also happens genes that affect its later communication between neuronal, and even in the mature brain it is could be that they brain plasticity and the brain’s ability to to be newly wire affecting according to the researchers a press release.