Vidlar A Vrtal R.

R Fiala, Vidlar A Vrtal R, Belej K, Student VEur Urol. 51 :1702-8, June 2007 doi: 10099Reported by editor Michael J. MDUroToday – the only urology website with original content written by global urology key opinion leaders actively in the clinical practice operates.To get the latest urology news releases from UroToday access.

As expected, the more distal the repair was the worse the results. The SIS graft appears an option for substitution urethroplasty in the bulbar urethra, although the success rate is not equal to the short-term and more long-term results of the buccal mucosa graft his.. In a recent study by Richard Fiala and colleagues from Olomouc, Czech Republic, the medium-term performance of the SIS graft in anterior urethral reconstruction was evaluated. The review is published in the June 2007 issue of European Urology.

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