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University of California, 924 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, 350,in milk, andnatural lactoprotein To super nutritious foods lead the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology researchers could have develop a way to deliver health-promoting nutrients using protein particles naturally present in milk as carriers. Breakthrough may be low-fat or fat-free foods, now carry the nutrients that contain only in fat-containing foods, and could be used to enrich foods with other important nutraceuticals such as vitamins and antioxidants . – The team led by Dr. Livney of the Technion Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering, studied casein micelles that nanoparticles consisting of casein, a protein in milk, and are responsible for the transfer of body-building nutrients from mother to child. It encapsulated vitamin D in the micelles. The results are published online in Food Hydrocolloids. Livney and graduate student Efrat Semo first formed a solution that did not contain micelles by soluble casein. When vitamin D is added to the solution, bound to the proteins in. And when calcium and phosphate found in the usual amounts in milk, which is now added to vitamin D enriched casein proteins in micelles similar to those milk milk reorganized. The difference:. American Technion Society Technion – Israel Institute of Technology 55 East 59th St. New York.

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