This is the second wake-up call for Canada

ADI releases Globe Alzheimer Report 2010 The World Alzheimer Report 2010 was released today to mark World Alzheimer’s Day and heighten knowing of the global economic impact of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias . ‘This is the second wake-up call for Canada,’ says Debbie Benczkowski, CEO of the Alzheimer Culture. ‘Globe governments, including Canada, are unprepared for the impending crisis unless we start acting now woefully.’ The World Alzheimer Statement 2010 comes on the heels of the Society’s own survey, Rising Tide: The Impact of Dementia on Canadian Culture, january that premiered last.

In addition, considerable improvement in the histologic structure within the kidney was noticed as measured by a reduction in tubular cell death and epithelial shedding .. ADRCs cells improve survival in severe kidney injury animal model Preclinical data was posted today about research performed by Cytori Therapeutics showing adipose -derived stem and regenerative cells , either fresh or banked, demonstrated statistically significant improvements in animal kidney and survival function in an acute kidney injury pet model. Complete results appear in the latest problem of Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, designed for download at Two separate controlled studies were performed.