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The number one ailment for women and men is cardiovascular disease and, many times the major element is cholesterol. Even American children are in threat of this disease, because their cholesterol rate is equivalent to the adults. Although your body needs cholesterol to function, it must be monitored to prevent cardiovascular disease, heart strokes and attacks.. A Contributing Factor of CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM Disease Cholesterol is among the leading health issues for women. More than fifty % of women over age group fifty-five cholesterol levels ought to be lowered and greater than a fourth of American women are at coronary heart disease risk because of high cholesterol levels.The study was conducted in accordance with the protocol, which is available at Angiography was performed, followed by both gray-level and radiofrequency intravascular ultrasonography of the still left primary coronary artery and the proximal 6 to 8 8 cm of every of the main epicardial coronary arteries, by using a synthetic-aperture-array, 20-MHz, 3.2-French catheter with motorized catheter pullback . In contrast to conventional gray-scale intravascular ultrasonography, radiofrequency intravascular ultrasonography uses spectral analysis along with amplitude data from the intravascular ultrasonographic signal, offering information regarding tissue composition that is correlated with data from histologic samples.10,11 The analysis was performed offline and was not useful for procedural guidance.