They used tadpole pigment cells because they produce similar to human melanocytes.

They used tadpole pigment cells because they produce similar to human melanocytes, the melanin, the pigment which are primarily responsible for skin color melanoma occurs when melanocytes grow in an uncontrolled way. The researchers found a number of potential candidates, and after testing it found in laboratory mice that leflunomide significantly restricts tumor growth. More Source: University of East Anglia , UMass Medical School .Written by: Catharine Paddock..‘One of the reasons nurses leaving nursing field being because it on average paid $ 300 per week low as nurses in the public hospital sector Aged nurse feel their working is underrated. ‘Without the right amount of nurses and carers in nursing homes, great demand dwellers will flood hospitals emergency services not unnecessarily pine increasing number of older Aussies at acute beds when would have directed more suited intheir care home.

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