The nationwide rate of severe allergic reactions to cetuximab is only about 2 %.

The strongest predictor of response to cetuximab was a history of other hypersensitivities, such as allergic asthma, food allergies, bee stings or allergies to other drugs such as penicillin. – What is it about these strips in the middle South A good question, said O’Neil, The most likely places would be to see his food or plant allergens. If it is of plant origin, finding the source could – – in-a – haystack search. There there is a narrow geographic band; colleagues in Atlanta and the University of Virginia have not reaction reaction, ..

Anaphylactic reaction to cancer drug in the Middle Southern U.S. Puzzles Scientiststo focus a patient’s expectations about the side effects of chemotherapy typically nausea, hair loss, fatigue and other side effects. Worry about severe allergic reactions to their therapy is usually not a problem.

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