Surgeryw treatment for advanced prostate cancerThe U.

Surgeryw treatment for advanced prostate cancerThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Jevtana , a chemotherapy drug to treat in combination with the steroid prednisone for men with prostate cancer. Jevtana is the first treatment for advanced, hormone-refractory prostate cancer, which has deteriorated during or after treatment with docetaxel, a commonly used drug for advanced prostate cancer.

Jevtana the safety and efficacy has has been determined in a single, 755 – patient. All study participants had previously received docetaxel. The study was designed to overall survival in men who received Jevtana in combination with prednisone, as compared with those which measure the chemotherapy drug, mitoxantrone, in combination with prednisone. The median overall survival for patients receiving treatment Jevtana was 15.1 months compared with 12.7 months for those who received mitoxantrone therapy.In 2005, Chinnaiyan and his team have unidentified a prostate-specific gene known as TMPRSS2 that fuses having a cancer-causing gene known as ERG. Past previous research shows that the gene fusion as an ‘on switch ‘prostate prostate cancer affects. The number of daily ingestions drops to 2 or 3, with respect to the 4 and 5 ingestions of rest of the population in this period. In addition, scientists have determined that because of food, falls corporal bold and increase muscle mass.

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