Stuebe analyzed data on mothers recalled weights and weight gain for more than 24 bestil medicin.

Stuebe analyzed data on mothers recalled weights and weight gain for more than 24,000 mother was – daughter pairs. The heavier a mother before the pregnancy, the more likely her daughter to be obese bestil medicin . For example, an average height mother who weighed 150 pounds before pregnancy are twice as likely. Daughter, at age 18 at age 18 a mother who is a mother who is 125 pounds before pregnancy of obesity, gain during pregnancy is important, both too little and too much weight gain, increased risk of obesity, a daughter, particularly, if a mother was overweight before she became pregnant. Women should want for a healthy weight loss, before they become pregnant, and then gain a moderate amount, said Stuebe.

Students James McKee, Jack Wimbish, Haisam Islam and Zach Clark began work on the project as a seniors at UAB. Along with the faculty advisor Greg Walcott, Associate Professor of Medicine and Jack Rogers, associate professor of biomedical engineering, the team. Developing the Wii CPR technology in the last seven months Based on an idea initiated by Walcott, the technology computer program that computer program that can be downloaded on home computers and synchronized with the wireless technology of the Wii remote to teach users proper CPR technique. – We’re talking about the possibility of using the Nintendo Wii to teach CPR began last January, and that’s if we are, said Walcott. First, contact the American Heart Association about the idea, The Heart Association wanted a better sense of just how it could, so we assigned the research to our senior year biomedical engineering students last summer semester of their senior project .

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