Students who reported having attempted suicide decreased by 67 %.

– Students who reported having attempted suicide decreased by 67 %, 2 % of students to 1.7 %. – Students who reported sad and hopeless by 26 % from 22.6 % to 16.8 % of the students. And attitudes, The program teaches students how in be more confident and how to positive behavior, thus reducing the risk of suicide, intervention them, says Strunk.

The survey was administered immediately after completion of the program, that: – Almost 72 % of students to talk more to their parents about their problems, to almost 81 % talk to their friends about their problems, and nearly 90 % will to encourage their friends problems with them about their problems. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, suicide is the third leading cause in children ages 15-24.And this, he says, Why do said amino acid may be such as an effective medication destination, no primarily as a man for to beta-amino acids at all. ‘You have to look natural thing an antibiotic, do it differently. If you want something that already different how a beta – amino acid has, you probably have a much improved target because it is includes Chemie that is relatively rare in the cell. It difficult for the more difficult for the cell, its own chemistry adjust the resistance the resistance modify, ‘Ibba said.

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