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First an excellent acupuncturist will have a person approach for every patient, and it will understand how to proceed for optimum benefits but actually the best acupuncturist can’t do that without the patient help. Patient must understand that in order to achieve great outcomes i.e. Lose fat in quick framework of time, they have to have a significant lifestyle change which can be when acupuncture kicks in. As some researches offers proved ready that acupuncture have great benefits on the human health, I strongly believe in coming years it’ll be much more scientific results about all benefits that acupuncture provides.The mean number of basal-cell carcinomas per person through the 12-month intervention period was 1.3 in the nicotinamide group and 1.12). This relative difference regarding basal-cell carcinomas were associated mainly with a lower number of superficial basal-cell carcinomas in the nicotinamide group than in the placebo group . The number of basal-cell carcinomas was comparable in the two groups in the 6-month postintervention period . The mean number of squamous-cell carcinomas per person through the 12-month intervention period was 0.5 in the nicotinamide group and 0.7 in the placebo group , representing an interest rate that was reduced by an estimated 30 percent with nicotinamide after adjustment for middle and 5-yr squamous-cell carcinoma background .