Said Shadow Environment Secretary Maria Eagle.

It had been problems such as for example these that caused environmental lawyer ClientEarth to sue the British authorities in the European Court, resulting in the recent ruling. A large number of people die because of air pollution each year, ClientEarth lawyer Alan Andrews stated. This ruling will save lives by forcing the federal government to finally take this issue seriously. .. Air pollution from automobiles damages your lung area and cardiovascular system after just two hours on busy street Just two hours on a active city street will do to cause damage to your lungs and arteries, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust in the uk.Interpersonal causes include family members or cultural pressure to abort a child but this is more likely to happen in Indian subcontinent more than any other areas in the world, horrible spiritual beliefs or superstitions, emotional cause such as mentally unstable that will enhance risk on her behalf child in forseeable future etc. There are few circumstances especially battle like situation Similarly, migration from one place to another. Limited resources to get founded in life and nurture a child. Career oriented goals also has vital role in coming to bottom line to abort a fetus. When there is a risk to women’s life then abortion is the only method to save lots of her life.