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Routine follow-up imaging was not mandated. The study treatment was discontinued in the event of a distant recurrence, unacceptable toxicity, three missed treatments consecutively, the patient’s request, the treating physician’s recommendation, or completion of 5 years of treatment. Continuation of the study medication was recommended in case of a locoregional recurrence and at the physician’s discretion following the diagnosis of a new primary cancer. Research End Points The principal end point of the study was disease-free survival, which was defined as an absence of distant recurrence, of any invasive locoregional recurrence , and of loss of life from any cause without recurrence. The secondary end stage was overall survival.They responded yes and provided me a ‘pro number’ for this return. I then spent $5,000 – $6,000 to ship the merchandise back. WHEN I had currently paid to send the product back, they rejected the shipment. Also, they are now demanding a massive amount of interest on the total amount and ‘lawyer costs’. Additionally, I returned more than double the quantity of product in comparison to our outstanding stability, so they owe me money technically. However, from the graciousness of my heart, I decided to let it all go and I didn’t refuse charges on my credit cards or anything of this nature.