Resistance to relapse and treatment.

Cancer stem cells appear to be even more resistant to radiotherapy and chemotherapy than the ‘bulk’ of the tumor and for that reason, are often responsible for cancer relapse. As such, inhibiting residual leukemia stem cells from dividing is the key to obtain irreversible impairment of tumor growth and long-term remission in patients. ‘Our recent studies determined the gene Brg1 as a regulator that governs the self-renewal, proliferative and survival capability of leukemia stem cells. As a result, targeting the Brg1 gene in leukemia stem cells may offer new therapeutic possibilities by avoiding the disease from returning’, Lessard concludes. Blood. 2014 Jan 29..Most versions of the Democratic wellness strategy would develop subsidies for lower-income visitors to buy private health insurance. If that insurance contains coverage for abortion, as much existing private programs do, it efficiently means federal government taxpayers are subsidizing abortion, critics of the legislation argue. While it gets less attention than some other parts of the plan, during the August congressional recess abortion offers often been raised by critics in town-hall meetings.