Reproductive wellness group CONRAD for halting the trials silagra.

AIDS activists demand gel trials to restart AIDS activists in South Africa are calling for clinical trials of a microbicide gel designed to help women protect themselves against HIV to be restarted. Trials of the gel were halted last month following preliminary reviews that 604 women in KwaZulu-Natal mixed up in study had contracted HIV. The Treatment Action Campaign group are Africa’s most influential AIDS lobby group and even though they support the U silagra .S. Reproductive wellness group CONRAD for halting the trials, TAC is concerned it will be difficult to restart the trials, even if an assessment of the data showed the gel had not been the nagging problem, but rather the way it had been being used. The microbicide gel ‘Ushercell’ is produced by Polydex Pharmaceutical in Canada, and Helps activists had hoped it would give a breakthrough in curbing the spread of AIDS because it was designed for women to use.

‘This is actually the largest upsurge in people accessing treatment within a year. It is an extremely encouraging development,’ Hiroki Nakatani, WHO associate director-general for HIV, tuberculosis, malaria and neglected tropical illnesses, said in a declaration released by the WHO . During AIDS 2010, the WHO will be calling for countries to begin with earlier HIV treatment for sufferers coping with HIV, ‘stating that early use of medicines also acts as a preventive measure by reducing levels of the virus in your body, therefore carriers are less inclined to pass on the disease,’ in addition to helping slash rates of HIV-related deaths, Bloomberg reports . On Monday at AIDS 2010 the WHO ‘issued the initial overhaul of its suggestions on HIV medications in four years,’ Agence-France Presse reports.