Regarding to a scholarly research at the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA VA Medical Center.

The alcoholics averaged around 400 beverages per month for three years before the study; the light drinkers averaged between four and 11 drinks monthly before the research and had no background of alcohol abuse or dependence. The alcoholics were sober for just one week prior to the study began approximately. The scholarly study uncovered no apparent differences in human brain volume between smoking and non-smoking light drinkers. Another key selecting was that among non-smoking alcoholics, there was a direct relationship between brain quantity and cognitive function: the higher the volume, the better the function. However, no such romantic relationship was apparent among cigarette smoking alcoholics, according to co-author Timothy Durazzo, PhD, a co-employee radiology researcher at SFVAMC.The White House medication policy workplace denies this with Jennifer Devallance stating it had been inaccurate to portray the war on medicines as focused on a single substance, and that marijuana is normally however the medication most abused in america and the single largest source of treatment need, so it is appropriate to focus effort and attention on marijuana. She disputes the report’s contention that marijuana make use of has increased, citing numbers from a survey of high school teens showing it had been down 18 % over the past three years.