Manufactured and developed in Pennsylvania.

Actuated Medical determined as finalists for Pennsylvania Bio’s 2013 Patient Effect Award Actuated Medical, Inc. This award recognizes Existence Sciences improvements in Pennsylvania that have made a significant contribution to the quality of health care or life of sufferers. TubeClear is an in-patient tube clearing system for feeding and decompression tubes that is designed, manufactured and developed in Pennsylvania. Its patented technology runs on the mechanical motion that allows clinicians to quickly apparent clogs in tubes without the trouble and threat of tube replacement. In addition to eliminating the pain of tube substitute and removal, this technique can save an average 500-bed hospital up to $243K a season.We also report several additional findings that support the clinical value of this type of classifier. First, our studies confirm that nondiagnostic bronchoscopic examinations are common and result in further invasive testing in individuals who are eventually found to have benign lesions. Second, in contrast to the classifier, bronchoscopy had poor sensitivity for the recognition of lung cancers in patients with small, peripheral, or early-stage lesions, along with in those without lymphadenopathy. Third, the classifier got a higher negative predictive value in patients with an intermediate probability of cancer and a nondiagnostic bronchoscopic exam. These findings suggest that this classifier gets the potential to aid in clinical decision making for individuals with an intermediate possibility of malignancy, in whom the prevalence of lung cancers is 41 percent but the sensitivity of bronchoscopy is only 41 percent.