Low-Income HIV Patients May Be Doing Better on Obamacare: THURSDAY.

They may have received better care for other chronic disease, like diabetes, that generally affect people with HIV, said del Rio, who was simply not involved in the scholarly study. Better overall health and well-being could, subsequently, help people gain more control over their HIV. Del Rio called the results exciting, but added that important queries remain: Is this happening in other states? And exactly what will the longer-term effects – – on both people’s health insurance and healthcare spending – – ultimately be? We have to look beyond the consequences on viral load, del Rio said. It’s crystal clear that healthier sufferers are less costly patients, he noted. However the financial impact of moving ADAP sufferers to Obamacare health programs remains to be observed, del Rio said.At the seven-year follow-up, spouses of stroke survivors had more health issues of their own, including discomfort, than those whose partners had not had a stroke. In addition they scored lower than the other spouses on all measures of mental and physical functioning. Moreover, 16.5 % of survivors had suffered another stroke. High strain in caregivers increases their risk for heart disease, stroke and premature death, the researchers said. ‘Therefore, it could be assumed that long-long lasting strain impacts health and wellness,’ they wrote. Persson said that ways of reduce the stroke patient’s disability and depressive disorder might also lessen the strain of caregivers and invite additional time for social activities.