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Difficulty focusing or concentrating. Feeling exhausted or tired, extra weight or cold intolerance. Several miscarriages or blood clotting. Fat loss, sleeplessness, temperature intolerance or fast heart rate. Feeling numb or tingling in the hands or feet. Dry eyes, mouth area or epidermis. If you think that you’ve an autoimmune disorder, the most important guidelines to preventing and treating your disease and signs or symptoms are to understand and then to offer with the primary cause. Conventional physicians only treat the symptoms and indicators of autoimmune disorders; they do not turn to discover the source.With despair, a person’s creativity and sense of fun might seem blocked. Exercise your imagination and you not only get those innovative juices flowing, you loosen up some positive emotions also. Take time to play with a close friend or a pet, or take action fun for yourself. Find something to laugh about — a funny movie, perhaps. Laughter assists lighten your mood. Try to notice good things. Depression affects a person’s thoughts, making everything appear dismal, negative, and hopeless. If depressive disorder has you noticing only the negative, try to notice the good things in life.