LCP believes that the positive Phase II clinical data.

LCP believes that the positive Phase II clinical data ,, statistical confirmation of the proposed dosing regimen , the clinical, the initiation of a phase III trial program in the second half of 2008 in both de novo and stable renal transplant patients.

With these positive data we in Phase III clinical trials expected in the second half of the year to take the 2008th LCP-Tacro product that we product that we fully develop and market products that await us in selected markets, ‘said Dr.

Transplant patients need to maintain a minimum level of tacrolimus in the blood to prevent organ rejection, but excessive levels increase the risk of serious side effects such as kidney damage. Therefore, tacrolimus managed managed very carefully and transplant patients are typically obliged to make frequent visits to the hospital for monitoring and dose adjustments for months after receiving a new organ.Shown the ‘ KVM Switch ‘ for key immune cell inflammatory diseases.

Inflammation reactions are an important Defence that the body against damaging stimuli like infection or tissue damage, however in many conditions, undue inflammation may harm the body. In rheumatoid arthritis, the joints become swollen and painful, however know why this happens why this happens no good.

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