Including an Associated Press report detailing how the overhaul is lagging in the us.

3 of 4 Americans reside in states still flummoxed by how to deliver medical law’s promise of affordable care News outlets report upon a number of health law execution issues, including an Associated Press report detailing how the overhaul is lagging in the us commentaires . Other reports examine queries about ACOs, important benefits and other particular provisions. The Associated Press: Health Overhaul Lags In Says Here’s a reality look for President Barack Obama’s wellness overhaul: Three out of four uninsured Americans live in states that have yet to figure out how exactly to deliver on its promise of affordable health care. This is the year that may make or break medical care law. States were said to be partners in carrying out the biggest safety net growth since Medicare and Medicaid, and the White House claims they’re making continuous progress .

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