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Pfizer, for example, connects a combination preparation Caduet blood pressure drug Norvasc and the cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor. The patent for Norvasc, which has an annual turnover of $ 5 billion expires this year. Lipitor patent expire until 2013, but annual sales already down by billions of dollars because of the competition from generic versions of Merck’s cholesterol drug Zocor.. Prescription Drug Makers Increasingly developing combination PillsPrescription drugs increasingly combination therapies, in which drugs drugs in a single dose, the Los Angeles Times reports, offered combined.

In addition, some drugs work better in combination – such as Augmentin, which combines amoxicillin with clavulanic acid. The amoxicillin clavulanic acid prevents shuts degraded by the enzymes in the body. Berger added that such synergistic combinations may be prescribed at lower doses, which could reduce side effects.Dr. Michael tinnitus, autism and other disorders be able to be treated in the future by neurostimulation.

UT Dallas researchers recently shown how nerve stimulation with a particular experiences, such as movements or sounds have able to brain reorganization. This technology could to for stroke, tinnitus, autism and other disorders.

Treating neurological disorders currently limited to pharmacological, surgical and behavioral interventions. But they previous tests show, it may be possible effectively effectively the plasticity of the human brain for a multitude of purposes. Patients might then benefit from brain activity conscious prodigal in the direction Wiederaufbau abilities aligned. Long term subsequent studies have confirmed the knowledge UT Dallas , human patient access more efficient therapies are minimally invasive avoid long-term using drugs.