In the past 100 years Zurich scientists to the study to the study of the nervous system.

Quirion ‘very exciting opportunity for very exciting opportunity for us, ‘said. ‘The Swiss neuroscience research center is at the top, where we headed to a better understanding of the brain and central nervous system. Together with our interdisciplinary Brain@ McGill program, we will have the opportunity. Significant advances in research at the end of at the end of improving the lives of millions around the world.. In the past 100 years Zurich scientists to the study to the study of the nervous system, including works by such leaders in the field as Auguste Forel, Constantin von Monakow, Walter Rudolf Hess and Konrad Akert. Us, McGill as a leader in the field neuroscience, from the legendary Wilder Penfield founded the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital , is also well known.

The two Swiss institutions form the Neuroscience Center Zurich Faculty of Medicine 440 neuroscientists at clinical and basic research. Established in 1998, the ZNZ one of the first international programs is studying neuroscience in Europe. – We are very pleased innovative innovative neuroscience research through an international partnership with a leading network of neuroscience research, said McGill Principal and Vice – Chancellor Heather Munroe – Blum, accompanied by Dr. R Wed Quirion, Vice – Dean in McGill Faculty of Medicine, signed the Memorandum of Understanding in Switzerland. In recent years, McGill material agreements with a number of major centers of neuroscience research has developed new ideas for progress in this important area of medical care.Infestans, integrate integrated into a 3-D on map generating profile in Google Earth. – ‘This research allows the scientist know where to this exciting able to move and what strategies utilize use there it when of an epidemic occurs, ‘Narrow said: ‘One result of the project are to develop an online. Is represents growers and producers with fast forecast for the potential propagation of potato blight, measures to take appropriate measures to be securing their harvest. ‘.. Thin purchase state-of – the-art equipment, enabling it to see and quantify the P. Infestans in the Kentland Farm in a few minutes after specimen collection. Slender and fellow take this data to make a long-distance transport model of for P.

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