If you think your weekend might sabotage your dietary efforts.

Alcohol is a double-whammy diet, it is not only rich in calories in itself, but it also reduces inhibitions and increases appetite. When you exercise, don t give to your raging appetite out Whatever burning calories of your workouts. Instead, fill with lean proteins and whole grains. Packing fruit and healthy snacks or lunch if you are going to be out of the house all day RE so you don t have to rely on food court and concession stand. To cheat to cheat on the weekends, what and when you enjoy going to cheat you, then back on track. An indiscretion won t you back? But the weekend is more indulgences. .. If you think your weekend might sabotage your dietary efforts, here’s what you can do: Weigh yourself twice a week, either on Friday and Monday and Thursday and Monday am There ‘s no better way on track on track than to know you have to put the scale on Monday morning.

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