Has made addition to sustained neuroprotective effects in the rat glaucoma model.

QPI-1007 is Quark ‘s first synthetic siRNA drug candidates use with proprietary structure and chemical modifications, the company in which freedom the siRNA IP space. QPI-1007 is used as nuclease stable molecule have a high specific RNAi activity while lacking potential off – target and immunostimulatory effects developed.. Has made addition to sustained neuroprotective effects in the rat glaucoma model, QPI-1007 rugged efficacy demonstrated when immediately after optic nerve injury in two models of acute RGC death by optic nerve transection managed induces QPI.-1007 utilizes a proprietary structure and modifications that are designed to preserve RNAi activity while improving potential off-target and immunostimulatory effects of siRNAs.

QPI-1007 utilizes a proprietary structure developed in collaboration with BioSpring GmbH, Quark offers of freedom in the siRNA intellectual property arena and chemical modifications that are designed RNAi activity RNAi activity and simultaneously improve potential off-target effects of siRNAs and immunostimulating be operated. Offered: treatment of minor illnesses , as well as management of screening and flu shots.. Neuroprotection,armaceuticals QPI-1007 Exhibits Neuroprotective Effects in Glaucoma ModelQuark Pharmaceuticals, a world leader in the discovery and development of RNAi-based therapeutics, announced the results of a second study of QPI-1007, a neuroprotective siRNA drug, in rats ocular hypertension model of glaucoma, by Prof.All trademarks mentioned in this press release proprietary.

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