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Corning’s technology helps accurately determine targets, pathways, and interactions, providing more biologically relevant data to the drug discovery process. Commenting on the collaboration, Dr. Kasim Mookhtiar, the CSO of Advinus, said, ‘This collaboration on Corning’s Epic technology emphasizes Advinus’ commitment to create exclusive Pharma R & D solutions in India and to explore fresh and cutting-edge technologies to improve our drug discovery features. We are excited about the opportunities this will open for our clients and for our romantic relationship with Corning in the region of enhanced drug discovery.’ ‘This collaboration highlights the growing adoption of label-free of charge technology and the biological insights it allows in drug discovery analysis,’ stated Ron Verkleeren, director, Advanced Existence Sciences.‘Women giving birth by cesarean delivery are usually at an increased risk for experiencing problems from anesthesia compared to ladies who deliver vaginally. However, our research displays anesthesia-related outcomes in cesarean deliveries have improved significantly.’ According to ASA practice guidelines, epidural or spinal anesthesia is recommended for most cesarean deliveries. However, general anesthesia may be administered in a few full cases, such as a crisis cesarean delivery. In the scholarly study, Dr. Guglielminotti and co-authors Guohua Li, M.D., Dr PH, and Ruth Landau, M.D., at Columbia University Medical Cynthia and Middle A.