Eating away from home May Mean CONSUMING MORE Later: THURSDAY.

20 in the Journal of Health Psychology, derive from 60 women, about 50 percent of whom were dieting. Ogden’s group randomly assigned them 3 ‘distracted eating‘ groups. In one, females ate a cereal bar while walking around for five minutes; a second group ate while watching TV; the 3rd ate whilst having a conversation. A short time later, all of the study participants were offered snacks, including chocolate, chips, grapes and carrots. Overall, dieters who’d walked while eating their cereal bar ate even more calories at snack period – – and about five occasions more chocolate – – than various other dieters.The acquisition of the XEN45 device demonstrates our dedication to alternative next-generation glaucoma remedies which are attractive to both patients and physicians and extend beyond standard medicine eyedrops. The acquisition of AqueSys adds XEN45, a soft shunt that is implanted in the subconjunctival space in the attention through a minimally invasive process with a single use, pre-loaded proprietary injector. The proprietary XEN45 technology facilitates aqueous fluid flow to lower Intra-Ocular Pressure while protecting against the potential for hypotony that is associated with current subconjunctival procedures. The minimally invasive procedure is conducted by ophthalmologists. XEN45 provides received a CE mark in the European Union where it is indicated for the reduction of intraocular pressure in individuals with primary open angle glaucoma where previous medical treatments possess failed.