Doctors Prescribing Practices Key to Curbing Painkiller Misuse: CDC: THURSDAY.

An analysis of prescription drug-monitoring programs in eight states found that a small amount of doctors were responsible for most narcotic painkiller prescriptions, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researchers. Drug overdose may be the leading cause of injury-related death in the usa. The majority of those deaths stem from abuse of prescription pain medications such as Vicodin and OxyContin, stimulants and sedatives/tranquilizers, based on the CDC. ‘Each day, 44 people die in American communities from an overdose of prescription opioids and more become addicted,’ CDC Director Dr.This acquiring cannot be generalized to cytoreductive medications other than hydroxyurea. The problem of the potential long-term leukemogenesis from hydroxyurea offers been elevated as a potential limitation to its wider use. Nevertheless, hydroxyurea is a typical therapy in high-risk individuals with polycythemia vera, and the leukemogenic threat of hydroxyurea in the long run is low, though the issue is controversial.12,21 Some limitations of our study ought to be acknowledged. A significant result was obtained even though the study was closed before its prepared end. Nevertheless, a higher-than-expected advantage was mentioned in the low-hematocrit group. The main study findings were in keeping with those obtained in the prespecified subgroups.