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Challenging The Origin of cells for connective tissue Skull And FaceWith improved resolution, tissue – specific molecular markers and precise timing have University of Oregon biologist James A uterine fibroids . Weston and colleagues may have a long-standing assumption about the origin of the overturned embryonic cells, cause the to connective and skeletal tissue that lines the base of the skull and facial structures in back – bone form creatures from fish to humans.

The new study is part of research for over 25 years to be done in Weston striving understand early development of the neural crest and noted to explore alternative explanations for sometimes differing results with their adopted cell lines Weston. That mutations in mice that did not affect the development of impaired peripheral nervous system or pigmentation craniofacial structures, while mutations The same distinctionelopment of skeletal and connective tissues of the head and face caused not changed neural crest-derived pigment or peripheral nervous system cells.

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