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Results Sufferers Of the 606 individuals who underwent randomization , 553 completed the 24-week evaluation period and 515 completed the 52-week evaluation period .). More than half the individuals had psoriasis affecting at least 3 percent of their body-surface area; 53.5 percent had dactylitis, and 61.4 percent had enthesitis. A complete of 70.6 percent of the patients had received no prior anti-TNF therapy, and 60.7 percent were receiving concomitant methotrexate.One must make the decision to practice to have a peaceful mind. Yoga exercise is a science of the mind and it can help control your brain through a skillful technique. The sacred ancient text The Bhagavad Gita says ‘yoga is the ability to maintain inner peace -at all times calmness doing his thing in the trick of Karma Yoga’. Whenever we do good work and we remain unattached to the outcome or the reward of our actions, whenever we are totally focused and motivated, we join the flow of existence and live happily. The Bhagavad Gita also says that Yoga exercise is equanimity of mind in success and failure, Yoga exercises is discretion of work, Yoga is the remover of destroyer and misery of pain, Yoga is the supreme secret of Life, and Yoga exercise is the giver of infinite joy. What is Hatha Yoga? Yoga has 4 possible paths Jyana Yoga , Bhakti Yoga , Karma Yoga and Raja Yoga exercise .