arguments are regularly taken forward by both sides this debate.

– Have ‘As the latest ‘ Alive & Kicking ‘ opinion surveys ,, both the Parliament and the public concerned about the abortion in Britain, with 81 percent of the public agree that 200,000 abortions per year is too high and that ways should be found to reduce the number. And interestingly, big support came from women. – ‘It is the right time to conduct a proper investigation of the practice of abortion, with all the peripheral aspects taken and put Basically, we need to know why there are so many abortions and what measures are taken to reduce the problems faced by women. Leading to this decision are treated. – ‘It is time for the full parliamentary inquiry into abortion and rigorous review of the Abortion Act.’.. ‘ arguments are regularly taken forward by both sides this debate, but the evidence of the psychological consequences of abortion remains for us the most exciting.

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