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Legislation should BCBS losses for individual health policies offset and reduce government regulation. The state House and Senate have approved separate versions of the bills. – BCBS Vice President Andrew Hetzel said: ‘Until the legislature a fair and balanced regulatory system, for-profit insurance company hold more responsibility for rejecting the sick and allows Blue Cross better for younger and healthier individual participants compete to create acts, Blue Cross financial losses to individual divisions will continue to climb ‘(Heinlein, Detroit News.. An additional 4,000 seniors are expected to Medigap Medigap plans in January 2009, Stojic (Anstett, Detroit Free Press, said legislation delayed Related News, state lawmakers said Thursday there was no compromise on the House and Senate bills, JCBS give would revise the state regulations more flexibility in setting tariffs and called for further action to be delayed until next year, the Detroit News reported.

In a letter sent Wednesday to BCBS general counsel Lisa DeMoss, the state Deputy Attorney General Carol Issacs the office in recent weeks, more than half a dozen complaints from seniors about inadequate marketing of the policy obtained. Isaacs said BCBS, the state insurer of last resort, and its agents ‘were eagerly placing ‘expensive Medicare Advantage products instead. After the Free Press, cost monthly premiums for the basic Medigap policies $ 107, while more comprehensive Medicare Advantage plans cost in Tri-County Detroit to $ 297 per month.Two not participating in in managed healthcare Plan Rises.

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