Airline cleaning crews go on strike over contact with blood.

Citing the escalating Ebola scare as the straw that broke the camel’s back, the employees of Atmosphere Serv, which contracts with main airlines to completely clean their planes between flights, say they won’t clean blood, vomit and other possibly contaminated bodily fluids without adequate protection. Reports indicate these and other security concerns were present a long time before Ebola, but that latest danger sealed the deal for demanding improvements. Organized by the 32BJ Service Employees International Union , the strike is likely to last a day, reports The Wall Road Journal . ‘The complete country is shivering, concerned about the issues of Ebola,’ mentioned Hector Figueroa, president of the union, to the mass media.Although accused of crushing competition, both on the retail level and at the farmgate , today primarily worries their investments in the organic sector my message. Recent Dean background might confirm the adage, The bigger they are the harder they fall. Dean Foods stock has been around free fall. Their stock lost 84 % of its worth since its peak in 2007. CEO Greg Engels was rated 338th, out of 338 CEOs, with regards to wealth destruction, in a recently available report by Chief Executive Magazine. All this amounts to easy pickings for bargain hunters on Wall structure Street. Rumors have already been flying, as reported in the Milkweed, that major meals and dairy conglomerates, including Groupe Danone, are eyeballing Dean Foods, or selected assets, as possible acquisitions.