AGHE to carry 38th Annual Conference and Educational Leadership Conference.

Bridging the Generations: An Important Older Person in My Life K-12 Committee College student Writing Contest Award Demonstration: February 25, 3:30 p.m. The AGHE K-12 Committee is certainly sponsoring the annual writing contest for middle college students in the DC area. The theme of the writing contest is usually Bridging the Generations: An Important Older Person in My Life. Finalists and their guests will be known at this special event. The View From the Provost’s Office Closing Plenary Session: Sunday, 26 February, 11 a.m.Linda Dahl. With AAFA’s and Dr. Dahl’s guidance, Puffs shall provide insightful information to their followers on how they can combat watery eyes and runny noses. A few top suggestions from AAFA and Dr. Dahl: Stuffy nose? You can thank triggers such as dust mites, pollen, house animals and mold for your irritation. However, you can control such allergens by vacuuming carpets regularly, washing carpets and using washable-slip covers on furniture. You know its allergy season when you have Puffs cells at the ready! One method to help a runny nose includes blowing your nose with a soft, durable tissue such as for example Puffs Ultra Soft and Solid; or placing a balled up little bit of tissue – about the size of your nostril – into one nostril, relax and breathe through the mouth area then; remove then repeat with the other part.