After Jeopardy!

After Jeopardy! Win, Watson Heads to Hospitals SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA – Fresh off its shellacking of two human champions of the Jeopardy! tv program, a computer program produced by IBM Corp. Will soon get a workout in two hospitals that have signed up to test the technology . The agreements with the Columbia University Medical Center and the University of Maryland College of Medicine will be the program’s initial real-world tests beyond the trivia game display and IBM’s laboratories. Watson, as IBM provides dubbed the scheduled program, represents a breakthrough in the power of computers to comprehend human vocabulary and scour substantial databases to provide the most likely response to questions.

Hebert. Malignancy; Published Online: October 26, 2009 ; Print Issue Time: December 15, 2009.. African-American women possess delay in follow-up following finding suspicious breast abnormality, says study A new analysis has identified a significant delay in follow-up times among African-American women after the finding of a suspicious breast abnormality. Published in the December 15, 2009 issue of Cancers, a peer-examined journal of the American Cancers Society, the scholarly study indicates that African-American women may face obstacles to getting appropriate breasts cancer-related care. In the United States, and particularly South Carolina, African-American women suffer disproportionately higher mortality rates from breast cancer compared to white women. Studies have got indicated that African-American women experience significantly longer time intervals from an irregular mammogram to diagnostic tests or are less likely to comply with recommended diagnostic follow-up exams within half a year of an abnormal mammogram.