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Orr and Dr. Katz are Regenstrief Institute affiliated scientists and Dr. Van Der Pol is with the Marion County Department of Health. Stothard, formerly with the IU School of Medicine, is currently affiliated with Eli Lilly and Company. The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health.. Addition to Dr. Batteiger and Dr. Fortenberry, co-authors of the study are IU School of Medicine faculty members Wanzhu Tu, Susan Ofner, MS, Barbara Van Der Pol,, Diane R. Stothard,, Donald P. And Barry P. In addition to their IU affiliations, Tu a Regenstrief Institute investigator, Dr.

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The researchers obtained a biological sample from as many sex partners of the study participants as possible to determine whether the boys were chlamydia infected.The research Neuroscience Neuroscience 2014, Society for Neuroscience annual gathering and the world ‘s largest Provided by which emerging countries messages via brain research and health care.

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