Added sugar may be the true number 1 culprit in the American health crisis Cancer.

The problem can be metabolic syndrome itself; researchers believe a lot of cancers – up to 80 – are fueled by the result of insulin on the malignancy cells, and the chronically high insulin degrees of those with metabolic syndrome means even more gas for the fire. Actually, tumors usually develop mutations to more use insulin for development effectively. That is true for breast and colon cancer especially. Glucose and premature agingFinally, one of sugar’s least well-known crimes is definitely its central function in skin aging.The survey covered 73,000 children. Of those who had ADHD during the latest survey, about half had a mild type. Around two thirds of diagnosed kids were taking medication. The study shows up in the CDC publication, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Does your child have ADHD? 17 things to rule out first ADHD Is Often Misdiagnosed in School Kids. Here’s What Parents Need to Know to Get the Right Kind of Help.

AMICAS announces new contract with Washington Radiology Associates AMICAS, Inc. , a leader in picture and information management solutions, today announced a new agreement with Washington Radiology Associates .