According to the Nobel Committee in Stockholm eriacta reviews.

The scientists were named to receive the prize for the discovery of how chromosomes are protected by telomeres and telomerase, according to the Nobel Committee in Stockholm, Sweden eriacta reviews . Has revolutionized Dr. Blackburn ‘s research over the course of more than three decades, scientific understanding of the way in which cells function, said UCSF Chancellor Susan Desmond – Hellmann, Her co – discovery of telomerase is a mechanism plays an important role plays an important role in determining the lifetime of the cells, as well as reveals the processes of cell aging and cancer.

Blackburn shares the award with Carol W. Greider of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Jack W. Szostak of Harvard Medical School.The scientists discovered an enzyme that plays an important role in normal cell function as well as in cell aging, and most cancers. The enzyme is called telomerase and it produces tiny units of DNA, the sealing of the ends of the chromosomes endogenous endogenous genes. These DNA units – named telomeres – protect the integrity of the genes and maintain chromosomal stability and accurate cell division. They also determine the number of times a cell divides – and thus determine the lifespan of the cells.

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