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The results demonstrate new fibrate users were more likely experience an increase in serum creatinine, a user experienced in 10, a 50 % increase in the first 90 days of her recipe. As a result, these users were also more likely to consult a nephrologist or will be admitted to the hospital during that time.

The precise mechanism by which fibrates influence of renal function remains unclear and needs further research. This study demonstrates that fibrates have major acute effects on renal function and / or its measurement, described to a greater extent than in existing clinical trials data. At the end of the day, prescribe medications prescribe drugs with the highest performance and the least side effects, says Garg. If a doctor to start the fibrate in a new patient, especially an older patient decides the information we have now given the patients to start on a dose that is appropriate to closely monitor their renal function, if renal function goes, either lower the dose or stop the drug..According to the American Heart Association, congestive heart failure, a common consequence of the heart muscle and valve damage, affects approximately five million people in the United States, and is is estimated that every year about one million people a heart attack, said is the primary cause of heart muscle damage.

Geron is currently conducting studies GRNCM1 to of a swine flu MI models to further evaluate the clinical safety and efficacy an animal model with an cardiovascular systems of similar size and structure to humans.

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