A new path for cocaine addiction research Cocaine is one of the oldest drugs recognized to humans.

Why are there so few studies? Most efforts have been to create programs that make children eligible, Wise said. There’s been less function on how to make kids who are eligible actually enter the programs. In a single study, from 2005, researchers assigned the families of uninsured Latino children to 1 of two groupings randomly. In one group, case managers helped the parents fill out forms and acted as advocates for them if they had to deal with the condition.Vaccine apologists have grown to be modern-day Brownshirts demanding total obedience to the state’s medical agenda More recently, the cult of vaccines provides turn out with similar needs for the incarceration and actually murder of parents who don’t buy into the prevailing vaccine dogma of our time. Making personal medical choices and exercising one’s right never to undergo a medical procedure that comes with the chance of serious, permanent side effects or death is now regarded by some to end up being intolerable and, ironically, worthy of severe punishment or the loss of life penalty. USA Today’s Alex Berezow produced headlines back January when he called for parents who don’t vaccinate their children to be placed in prison.