A chocolate or two a full day.

A chocolate or two a full day, what the doctor ordered just! A recently available study has news that chocolate lovers shall be overjoyed to hear, it seems that chocolate is good for the heart! Relating to researchers at the Johns Hopkins University Classes of Bloomberg and Medicine School of Public Health in the U.S. Eating a few squares every day can improve the wellness of your heart. The researchers say a chemical substance in cocoa coffee beans produces an identical biochemical impact to aspirin and can reduce the odds of bloodstream clotting.Women and their infants benefited most from a diet abundant with vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, whole grains and fish, with limited intake of dairy, sweets and meat, the experts found. Foods abundant with nutrition like folic acid, iron and calcium were considered healthy, the study authors said. ‘The more you proceeded to go up in diet plan quality, the less the chance for severe congenital heart anomalies,’ said lead writer Dr. Lorenzo Botto, a professor of pediatrics and a medical geneticist at the University of Utah School of Medicine.