4SC 2010 first 9 months revenue decreases from EUR1.

The operating loss increased to EUR15.3 in comparison to EUR12.0 million in the first three quarters of 2009. The web loss for the time rose to EUR15.2 million from EUR11.6 million. In contrast, the loss per share fell regardless of the bigger loss for the period due to the capital increase at the end of 2009, which elevated the total number of shares excellent. Loss per talk about in the initial nine months of 2010 were EUR-0.39 compared with EUR-0.41 in the prior-year period.For just one, the town wound up billing him $90,000 for sending a small army of cement trucks to his home to fill in the bunker, saying such actions was required and prudent in order to make his house safe. Background of a threat?Where in fact the populous city of Austin is viewing a threat, this really seems like little more than a full case about being prepared for the worst. Del Rio, a veteran who once kept a high security clearance and utilized to be a security guard for the Austin City Council, told the neighborhood press that the space involved began as a Chilly War-era bunker, nothing unusual for enough time certainly, considering the biggest threat throughout that period was a nuclear weapons exchange between the U.S.