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Chillaxin’ chimps: 17 research apes enjoy their golden years Chimps have got long been used for biomedical analysis – but where do they go when they’re old? A retirement home of their very own NIH originally prepared to send 10 to the Shreveport-area sanctuary and the others elsewhere. Officials say several groups now are raising money and donating to the growth of Chimp Haven. As of November 2011, the facility had 132 chimps, a lot of which had chronic health issues from years of biomedical analysis. Some were contaminated with HIV, polio and malaria. About half the chimps can move within a few months, but new enclosures should be built for the others. The Humane Culture of america is giving $500,000 for the expansion.The Abbott m2000 instrument is marketed generally in most major marketplaces across the world and presents an extensive menu for infectious disease tests, including HIV viral load, hepatitis B viral load, chlamydia detection, chlamydia/gonorrhea multiplexed assay, hepatitis C viral load, HCV genotyping, cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus and human being papillomavirus. Apart from the CT/NG assay, these tests currently are not available on the m2000 in the usa. About Abbott Molecular Abbott’s molecular diagnostics business, headquartered in Des Plaines, Ill., provides doctors with critical information predicated on the early detection of pathogens and delicate changes in patients’ genes and chromosomes, enabling earlier diagnosis, selection of appropriate treatments and monitoring of disease progression.The continuing business includes instruments and reagents used to conduct sophisticated analysis of patient DNA and RNA.