000 vulnerable girls.

UNICEF supported the establishment of 80 mobile child protection teams and 40 children and women -friendly spaces help children 300,000 vulnerable girls, women and their families and nutritional status screening and provision of fortified food for some 3,000 malnourished children and pregnant and protect breastfeeding women.

Compared to other affected areas UNICEF together with partners approximately 13.3 million emergency medical care, water treatment agents, communication messages about safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, and working with school boards, schools or set AS.– Innovative genetic studies have is under way to to better understand the reasons and best prophylactic treatment targets for vision of rob state. AMD is a complex illness causing of both genetic and lifestyle factors.

A lot about AMD is a mystery, and Millions of Americans are still of losing her vision. AMD is the complex disease that required prior art research techniques to for preserving and restoring vision. Only the support the research we can make a better future for to hit present from AMD and the increasing number the baby boomer who are in danger. Promise both for conservation and restore the vision of people with a Intel. Advanced Cell Technology just got a clinical study for treatment of human embryonic for preserving sight in patients with dry AMD and Morbus Stargardt, a juvenile start derived, inherited form of macula degeneration.

– Second Age-Related Eye Disease Study clinical trial is performed to the initial AREDS supplements which reduces current increasing the risk of advanced AMD by 25 %.